No. 52-74 village residents lauds gov’t’s infrastructural development agenda

Residents residing within the villages spanning from Number 52 to 63 and Number 64 to 74, East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), are poised to benefit from road infrastructure works totalling $1.7 billion.

Within the 52 to 63 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC), some 15 roads are being rehabilitated, eight of which have been completed thus far.

Claude Felix, Citizen

Similarly, in the 64 to 74 NDC, 32 roads are undergoing rehabilitation with some 19 completed already.

Expressing satisfaction with the much-needed road rehabilitation, Claude Felix commended the government’s commitment to driving development within local communities.

“The road is done very good and excellent and I think the government is doing a good job. Without proper transportation, you cannot get by well in your village but see that they have done the streets them properly and everything is ok, we [are] proud and we are happy for that,” he told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Harreshrai Ryan, Citizen

Another resident, Harreshrai Ryan, while commending the government’s intervention, shared the challenges caused by the previous mud dam.

“It is comfortable, more beneficial than before because it was bare mud. You cannot work, when the rainfall but now it is really comfortable. The government is doing good, they are doing a fine job,” he noted.

Nadani Singh, Citizen

Nadani Singh of number 65 village, shared a similar plight and expressed gratitude to the government for the much-needed development in her area. In addition to the upgraded road, her community now has street lights.

Singh said, “We get a nice road and I thank God for it. The road was bad you didn’t want come out when rainfall, you didn’t want come out in mud… Now you can come out any hour and when you come out you are free, you get nice light, nice road.”

Saif Latiff, Citizen

Commending the widespread infrastructural development is Saif Latiff, who alluded that, “the road before was really rough… So far, we like what the government doing, most of [us] know that a country cannot build in one year so.”

Additionally, DPI got to speak with Ravindra Niranjan, contractor of M&T Enterprise, who is currently constructing two culverts in Number 69 Village.

He revealed that works are progressing smoothly and are expected to be completed shortly.

Ravindra Niranjan, Citizen

“We have nice weather, we have the cooperation of the people from the neighbourhood so it [work] is progressing smoothly,” he emphasised.

Further, the contractor underscored the importance of employing members of the local community in the infrastructure projects.

He acknowledged that by actively involving residents in the construction process, not only does it provide them with job opportunities, but it also fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the development of their own neighbourhoods.

“Every area we go [contractor], we tend to, as much people as we can to hire from that area, which helps them and they can see that the project is being constructed to whatever they are looking for. So, they are happy to be a part of the progress in their neighbourhood,” he emphasised.

The upgrading of these critical community roads, falls under the Ministry of Public Works miscellaneous road projects.  It is an integral part of the government’s strategy to enhance connectivity among communities through road infrastructure and uplift the quality of life for citizens.

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