Major construction works at Mazaruni, Lusignan Prisons nearing completion

Construction works which are ongoing at the Mazaruni and Lusignan Prisons are nearing completion and will bring significant improvements to the living and working conditions for inmates and staff.

Currently, the Mazaruni Prison is being expanded with a new building being built to house prisoners.

To ensure strict security, the gates and fence at the Mazaruni Prison are being constructed

This project is in its second phase of construction and is expected to finish within the next few weeks.

This is aimed at enhancing the overall infrastructure of the prison, allowing both prisoners and staff to dwell in a more modern environment.

Additionally, to fortify the security of the prison, the fence is also being done and it is 98 per cent completed. This project is being executed at a cost of $66 million.

Rehabilitation works are also ongoing on the evolving boundary fence and watchtower. This is currently at a 70 per cent completion.

Furthermore, reconstruction has since commenced on the officers’ mess which is about 20 per cent finished. The $57 million project is designed to provide recreation to both the senior and junior officers of the Mazaruni Prison.

Meanwhile, the expansion works at the Lusignan Prison consist of six new state-of-the-art prison sections. Works have already been completed on lots one, two, three, and six, and have already been made operationlised.

Lot four is currently in the advanced stage of construction.

This expansion project at the prison will also see the establishment of a vocational school which will soon be used to train inmates in a variety of skills.

The school is almost completed and will majorly help to minimise recidivism in the prison service.

Works are also ongoing in the ‘Holiday Bay Facility’ which is being renovated into a trade shop where prisoners will be exposed to programmes including auto mechanics, joinery, tailoring, and carpentry.

These are all opportunities being crafted by the government to allow inmates to be productive as they prepare for reintegration into society.

Moreover, the Infirmary Annex, senior officers’ living quarters, and the overhead water-storage tanks and water treatment plants have already been built and are operational.

The water storage area and treatment plants

These major projects are all aimed at improving the overall functionality of the prisons in the country.

Upon completion, it will see the government getting closer to its goal of transitioning from a panel system to that of a correctional structure.

In this year’s budget, the Guyana Prison Service was allocated a sum of $6.5 billion to continue to achieve its strategic goals. The money will be spent for the benefit of both the prisoners and staff.

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