Citizens urged to exercise caution when transporting petroleum products

Citizens are being urged to exercise greater caution while transporting petroleum products across the country.

The appeal comes in light of the concerning trend of improper transportation of hazardous liquids, which pose significant risks to public health and the environment.

Reports indicate that many carriers are transporting these substances atop their vehicles, including vans, minibuses, and trucks.

It is imperative to emphasise that such products should be securely stored within the vehicle, preferably in designated cargo areas.

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS), as one of the regulatory agencies, calls upon individuals to demonstrate responsibility and strictly adhere to established guidelines.

Petroleum products should only be transported in containers specifically designed to prevent leakage and spillage during transit, approved by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Vehicles transporting these products must possess adequate ventilation or be equipped with emergency systems capable of handling flammable vapours or gases, including fire extinguishers and spill containment materials.

To mitigate the risk of accidents such as leaks or spills, it is essential to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded with petroleum products beyond their capacity.

Moreover, drivers and personnel involved in handling these substances must familiarise themselves with pertinent regulations and guidelines established by entities such as the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA).

Regulatory agencies advise that vehicles utilised for transportation must prominently display warning signs indicating the presence of highly flammable or hazardous substances.

By collectively adhering to and implementing these guidelines, a collective approach to ensuring that a safe and environmentally friendly society is maintained.

For further information on proper transportation practices for petroleum products, individuals may contact the GFS on telephone numbers 226-2411 or 912.

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