Gas-to-energy project still on stream for end-2025 deadline – GS Jagdeo

Making it clear that the final deadline for the gas-to-energy project has not shifted, the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Dr Bharrat Jagdeo detailed the several components of the life-changing initiative that are happening concurrently.

Dr Jagdeo was at the time speaking at his weekly press conference at Freedom House on Thursday.

General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The gas-to-energy project, Guyana’s single largest investment, will see a supply of 300 megawatts of cleaner power being provided at 50% less than the current price.

This project can be divided into five components which are the laying of the pipeline to bring the gas to shore, the construction of the power plant and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) facility, the installation of transmission lines, the construction of the control centre and upgrading of the distribution system.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that the project is “running six months behind schedule”.

However, Dr Jagdeo explained that the delay that occurred was a mere 3 months as a result of a late handover by Exxon’s contractors that were responsible for the pipeline laying aspect. This late handing over, however, will not affect the completion of the entire project by the end of 2025.

“So, we had a 3 months delay by [Exxon’s contractors] to hand over the site to the [government’s contractor for the powerplant] …but the total project timeline has not shifted, that is to bring the 300 megawatts fully on board,” the General Secretary explained.

Further, pouring cold water on the notion that 4 weeks of production will be lost as a result of the connection of the pipeline to ExxonMobil’s Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel, Dr Jagdeo noted that this is expected to only take two weeks and has already been taken into consideration by the project managers.

Our estimate with Exxon given to us is two weeks. So, each of these FPSOs would have to be shut down for two weeks to connect the pipeline…this was taken into account in our forecast for the revenue for this year…this was considered right from the beginning,” he explained.

To prudently manage this period, the GS explained, ExxonMobil is looking to readjust its maintenance schedule to run concurrent with this timeline.

“They are hoping to bring forward maintenance for that period on the FPSOs for the period when they have to shut them down to make the connection,” Dr Jagdeo said.

The gas-to-energy project is expected to significantly boost Guyana’s economic growth and provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy for the country.

Already, the equipping of the control centre has begun in the Eccles/Goedverwagting area. This is concomitant with 40 small projects that will ensure the upgrading of transmitters, feeders, and the overall distribution electricity system. This project will be managed by the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL).

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