GPF sees  $700M  in infrastructure upgrades in Regions Six, Five, Four

With significant investments being made across various sectors of the country, the Guyana Police Force is currently executing projects totalling over $700 million in Regions Six, Five, and Four.

These capital projects aim to enhance facilities, equipment, and training opportunities for law enforcement personnel.

The projects are progressing rapidly.

In Region Six, construction is underway for a new Divisional Headquarters, valued at $228 million.

This project is 28 per cent completed.

Upon conclusion, the building will feature modern amenities tailored for effective policing, including specialised rooms for child-friendly interviews, handling sexual offense/domestic violence cases, and holding cells for both juveniles and adults, among other essential departments.

In Region Five, construction is ongoing for the Mahaicony and Weldaad Police Stations, with budgets of $111 million and $140 million respectively. These projects are currently at 20 per cent and 30 per cent completion rates.

Additionally, an $80 million state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) Training Complex is being constructed at the Fort Wellington Police Station, nearing completion at 90 per cent. This complex will serve as a technological hub for police ranks to upgrade their skills, contributing to their professional development.

As part of the ‘Safe Country’ initiative, a command center is being established in the region to enhance overall security operations. This project, now 95% complete, is costing  approximately $41 million.

The center is expected to significantly improve community safety and security through efficient law enforcement deployment, multi-agency response coordination, and enhanced security coordination for public events.

In Region Four, reconstruction work is ongoing at the Sparendaam Police Station, with a budget exceeding $122 million.

This facility, estimated to be 90% complete, will include living quarters for male and female officers, accommodations for senior officers, and key departments such as a Traffic Department and a modern Criminal Investigative Department (CID).

Furthermore, construction of a new $25 million living quarter at the Cove and John Police Station on the East Coast Demerara is at 90% completion, with remaining works including interior floor finishing and completion of the external shed.

One of the living quarters that is almost completed

The Beterverwagting Police Station will soon benefit from a new $17 million bridge, currently at 93% completion. This bridge will facilitate smooth traversing of police vehicles during emergencies.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Andre Ally recently conducted an inspection of the projects. He noted that these infrastructural developments will significantly enhance the force’s capabilities.

The bridge that is being built at the Beterverwagting Police Station

The substantial investments in the security sector underscore the government’s commitment to providing improved living and working conditions for police ranks, ultimately leading to enhanced service delivery nationwide. In this year’s budget, $30.3 billion was allocated to the Guyana Police Force, with $5.4 billion earmarked for revolutionizing the force’s infrastructure.

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