Min. Edghill engages residents on East Coast four-lane road project

Residents of Cummings Lodge, Industry, Better Hope, Beehive, Blygezight and surrounding areas along the East Coast corridor were engaged on the mitigation efforts that will be undertaken to lessen issues due to the ongoing four-lane highway from Sheriff Street to Orange Nassau (railway embankment). 

The 30.8 kilometres road network, which commenced in June 2023 and is expected to conclude in July 2025, is being executed by China Railway First Group. 

Although some development causes inconveniences, the government is prepared to work with everyone to minimise their issues while governing through a consultative approach. 

This assurance was provided by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill during several community meetings on Saturday after issues were highlighted by the residents.  

The ultimate aim of these transformative projects is to bring immense relief to the citizens. 

Minister Edghill further elaborated, “So whatever we are doing, if it adversely affects someone, we have to find a way of remedying that because our overall objective is not to make your life harder. It is to make your life better. That is what governments do. That is why we are doing a project. It is about improving people’s lives. Whenever we do something, ultimately it is the beneficiaries that we want to be satisfied.”

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill at the community meeting in Beehive

Minister Edghill stressed that any bridges, fences, and other property damaged during this period will be restored as part of the contractual obligations. 

“The principle that we are working with is that while construction is going on…If we have to break anything, we have to give you temporary access. And when they are finished, they have to restore your access to the same quality you had before,” the public works minister emphasised. 

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill at the community meeting in Beehive

A systematic approach to suppress the dust issue in Beehive will be enforced, where the water truck will sprinkle water at the construction site twice daily. 

Minister Edghill also met with residents of Duch Four who will be compensated for the damages to their properties due to the ongoing road project. 

In response to the upgrading of community roads in some of the areas, the minister told the residents, “On the East Coast right now, more than 300 roads we are doing…All the internal streets will be done eventually.”

The East Coast Road Project will also see the rehabilitation of the existing public road from Belfield to Orange Nassau spanning 5.3 kilometres. 

Further, bridges, culverts, and drainage networks will be constructed, in addition to a bridge across the Hope Canal, also form part of this phase of the project. 

Despite the challenges being encountered, residents from all the communities welcomed this significant project. 

When completed, residents will see major benefits in the form of shorter commute time, less traffic, enhanced road safety protocols, and increased socio-economic opportunities due to enhanced accessibility. 

The hotline number 703-7632 was provided to the residents to report any issues relating to the ongoing road project. 

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