Charity residents benefiting from over $80M in road upgrades

Residents in various sections of Charity, Region Two, are enjoying easier commutes, as over $80 million has been invested in critical road upgrades in the area.

One of the key projects involved the upgrading of the Nursery School Street to asphaltic concrete. Some 300 metres of the road were completed by Payless General Store, to the tune of $30.1 million.

The upgrade facilitates easier access to the local school for children, as well as brings relief to persons commuting with various vehicles.

Khanai Street at New Road Charity has been rehabilitated over a 405-metre stretch, at a cost of $34.4. This project was executed by R79 Mining and Construction.

Khanai Street which has already been completed will now allow persons easier access within the area

Additionally, Burial Ground Road, also located in New Road Charity, has undergone a 250-metre upgrade at a cost of over $20.2 million by Wild Oats Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

These upgrades have also significantly improved accessibility to goods and services, enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Given Charity’s agricultural focus, the improved roads facilitate easier transportation for farmers to access their crops and livestock.

These roads also serve as a vital link for Pomeroon residents to ply their trade in a more conducive environment.

The new asphaltic Burial Ground Road in Charity

The developments fall under the Ministry of Public Works miscellaneous road project for the Essequibo Coast.

The initiative aims to rehabilitate and expand community roads, driving transformation in both rural and urban areas. These significant developmental efforts align with the government’s broader plan to modernise the transportation sector, accommodating the growing population and facilitating smoother traffic flow, which has seen exponential growth in recent years.

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