GPHC Performs Joint Replacement Surgeries to Reduce Backlog of Cases

On Saturday, April 13th, the Orthopaedics Department of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) undertook a significant initiative to alleviate the burden on patients awaiting joint replacement surgeries. The surgeries were performed on patients who had been patiently waiting for their turn on the hospital’s surgical waitlist.

With the Orthopaedics Department working diligently to address the backlog of patients in need of surgical interventions, the GPHC successfully completed several joint replacement surgeries. These procedures mark a pivotal step in fulfilling the hospital’s commitment to providing timely and essential healthcare services to an ever-growing patient population.

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation acknowledges the challenges posed by the high demand for emergency surgeries and other critical procedures from other specialties such as general surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, ENT procedures, and urology, among others. Recognizing the pressing need to address the needs of patients awaiting elective surgeries, the hospital responded to the call made by President Ali to increase the number of elective surgeries performed.

Typically, elective surgeries are not conducted on weekends, as the focus is primarily on emergency procedures. However, in response to the growing demand and the need for timely interventions, the GPHC has long initiated the practice of offering elective surgeries on weekends, a departure from the traditional approach.

The successful completion of these joint replacement surgeries underscores the dedication and expertise of the medical staff at the GPHC. The patients, who were previously burdened by mobility issues and restricted movement due to joint conditions, are now on the path to recovery. Their post-surgery treatment includes comprehensive care, including physiotherapy sessions aimed at facilitating their rehabilitation process.

Among the patients who underwent joint replacement surgeries, their testimonials reflect a sense of gratitude and hope for a better quality of life. One patient, who travelled from

Antigua to access the surgery, expressed his eagerness to return to work, as joint replacement surgeries are not readily available on the island. Another patient shared her journey of being dependent on her family due to mobility issues, expressing optimism about reclaiming her independence following the successful surgery.

Currently, all six patients are recuperating in the hospital wards under the attentive care of medical professionals. Their progress is closely monitored, and they are expected to be discharged later this week, marking a significant milestone in their recovery journey.

Last year, the GPHC conducted a total of 3562 surgeries, averaging 296 procedures per month. The Hospital remains committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to the public and will continue its efforts to address the needs of patients requiring surgical interventions.

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