President Ali calls for stronger emphasis on Guyana’s ‘Local Brand’ to drive economic growth

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has called for a stronger focus on promoting Guyana’s ‘local brand’, which he believes is currently underutilised. 

The president made these remarks at Tuesday’s opening ceremony of the second annual Local Content Summit held at the Pegasus Hotel and Corporate Suites.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

He emphasised that a robust ‘local brand’ is essential to propel the country’s economy to new heights.

President Ali explained that Guyana’s endeavours in the oil and gas industry have opened boundless opportunities for brand positioning, placing the country on the international radar.

“You have a country that gives you an advantage now because the country is known. We are known to be a major player. The country, automatically, is helping you to create the network. The country automatically gives your company a brand position. We have to help the brand also. The brand can’t do all the work for us,” the head of state pointed out.

However, he lamented that the Guyanese brand is given less prominence in many regional magazines and advertisements.

“I will see every brand, huge. We have a brand that is helping us, and we still put the brand in fine writing. We fight for local content, more local content, but what are you doing for this content?” he questioned.

President Ali addressing the Local Content Summit

The president urged the formation of local consortiums to streamline investment in specific elements of the local brand. He believes this collaborative approach will lead to a more impactful push to showcase Guyana’s unique offerings to the world.

He also highlighted the healthcare sector, particularly the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), as an example of continuous improvement.

The facility has seen advancements in technology, human resources, and infrastructure, contributing to a stronger national brand. The president said that marketing these improvements creates what he termed a ‘knock-on’ effect, fostering development across the country.

The president stressed that it is time Guyana’s unique brand is emphasised to the regional and international market to maximise benefits.

A section of the gathering at the Local Content Summit on Tuesday

“You want to create world-class health care? Start selling the brand as world-class healthcare. Start celebrating all the accomplishments we are having at the Georgetown Public Hospital, second to none. Some of the finest surgeries, and finest doctors we have.  Celebrate the brand, celebrate the positioning of the brand and you will create a world-class health service that will bring value, that will create value for us here,” the president encouraged.

The government is already doing its part to place Guyana on the map and establish its economic credentials. According to President Ali, it is up to the Guyanese people to harness this brand, refine it, and market this potential to the rest of the world.

“You may sit here and let the knock-on effect pass you by. Somebody [could] come here and open a world-class eco-tourism facility, right here in the rainforest.…at US$5,000 per night… booked ahead of time. And then you will say ‘If I had known’. Why can’t we build together a world-class eco-tourism company or facility here? Our brand has given us the best natural environment to sell the number one ecotourism facility in the world,” the head of state underlined.

A section of the gathering at the Local Content Summit on Tuesday

This type of investment is inevitable, the president said, because of the government’s efforts to position Guyana as a well-sought-after investment destination and cultivate the enabling economic climate for businesses to thrive.  

The Local Content Summit is a collaboration between MBW Energy Support Services, Prestige Management Consultations, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Local Content Secretariat.

This year’s theme: “Creating Value. Driving Economic Expansion” reflects the summit’s focus on how local content can act as a catalyst for broader economic growth in Guyana.

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