Single mother receives new home from Men on Mission

vows to give sons brighter future

Yogeita Bhagwandeen, a single mother of three, wiped away tears of joy as she received the keys to her brand-new home in La Bonne Intention (LBI), East Coast Demerara on Sunday.

The home, courtesy of the Men on Mission (MoM) programme, represents a fresh start for Bhagwandeen and her children after years of hardship.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

Bhagwandeen endured a difficult marriage and financial struggles, but her unwavering faith and dedication to her children kept her going. 

She toiled tirelessly, motivated by the desire to build a better future for her sons.

Overcome with emotion, Bhagwandeen told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that before receiving her home, she resided in a rented home, which proved a constant challenge.

“I used to rent. I used to pay $78,000 a month. It has been rough,” she said tearfully.

Eventually, and with the help of her co-workers, she reached out to the MoM for help.

While awaiting her new home, she and her children temporarily moved in with her mother.

Yogeita Bhagwandeen

Now, with a secure roof over their heads, Bhagwandeen can focus on her sons’ education and ensure they have the opportunity to pursue promising careers.

“I am very much grateful for this. [My children] will now have everything that I could never have given them,” she  expressed.

In addition to the new home, Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, offered the single mother the continued support of Men on Mission.

This includes access to counselling or mentorship programmes that could benefit her sons.

Yogeita Bhagwandeen poses with her family; Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, and representatives from the Men on Mission

He commended the efforts made by the organisation to seek out vulnerable persons and offer them much-needed assistance.

“Like in all societies, we have vulnerable people. And sometimes every day and we go about our lives without giving any consideration to the challenges of others. And there are little things that one can do to change those circumstances. But because we ourselves are so busy, we sometimes don’t think about that. But this organisation is changing that. It’s changing people’s attitude,” Dr Anthony said.

He continued, “This organisation wants to show men that they can do positive things to improve the life of our country. And this is a good example.”

The Men on Mission continue to leave a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable Guyanese across the country.

The new home for Yogeita Bhagwandeen

The homebuilding activities are one of the core elements of its programme, and with each home delivered, a person in need is empowered with tools to upgrade their living standard.

The initiative is the brainchild of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, who visualised a coordinated group of men banded together by common humanitarian values, and a collective will to shoulder a progressive system supporting Guyana’s developing society.

The syndicate also helps to uplift men who face many societal ills, such as drug abuse, domestic violence, gang violence, and other violent crimes.

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