MoM launches empowerment, mentorship programme in Lethem

Approximately 50 youths residing in Lethem, Region Nine, are set to gain valuable tenets and skillsets necessary for their upbringing, through the Men on Mission’s (MoM) second Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Programme.

Children, aged five years and older, will benefit from a comprehensive support system that includes exciting after-school activities. These exercises encompass academic assistance, counselling, and motivation sessions.

Minster of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat during the launch of the programme

The initiative was officially launched on Wednesday at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Training Centre by the Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat.

Conceptualised by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, several parents and residents of Lethem welcomed the programme.  

They expressed their support while interacting with the Department of Public Information (DPI), noting its potential to bring positive change within the community.

Dorm mother of the St Ignatius Secondary School Dormitory, Betsy Michael

Staff at the St Ignatius Secondary School Dormitory, Betsy Michael said she is excited that the programme is being rolled out, especially since it will benefit her students.

“I’m very happy about this…It will bring positive change because our boys come from different villages and backgrounds,” Michael stated.

School Welfare Officer, Matthias Thomas

School Welfare Officer Matthias Thomas believes that the programme should be continuous since it has the potential for positive development.

He said, “This is not something that you should start and stop. Once you get children involved…and they put most of their trust into something…it can make a change.”

Nikita Paulin stated that the initiative will benefit her 13-year-old son, explaining that he will be involved in meaningful activities.

Nikita Paulin is excited to have her 13-year-old son involved in the programme

In his keynote speech, Minister Bharrat emphasised that the MoM programme goes beyond constructing homes for the less privileged, but tackles various societal challenges from the grassroots.

The minister urged young people to prioritise their education and stay committed to their studies. He highlighted the pivotal role education plays in their future success.

“You must stay in school and be educated; that’s the first thing. Secondly, you have to be committed, you have to be dedicated and importantly you have to be disciplined. Discipline is something that is lacking in our society today,” he emphasised.

MoM’s Programme Coordinator, Col. Sheldon Howell stressed the programme’s significance, which he noted is a commitment to youths, both male and females and Guyana’s future.

Programme Coordinator, Col. Sheldon Howell during the launch of the programme

Part of the goal, he detailed, is to equip young people with the tools and knowledge to solve complex problems, while promoting education and positive societal change.

“It is launched with deep collaboration with the private sector…The private sector is meant to be the catalyst for this initiative and its sustainability,” he said.

Meanwhile, MoM’s Coordinator, Lt. Col Bhageshwar Murli emphasised the programme’s mission to empower youths to reach their fullest potential through job readiness, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence.

According to him, the initiative is scheduled to be rolled out in Regions Five and Six soon.

A similar programme is being implemented in Georgetown targeting 36 youths.

The MoM’s mentorship programme aims to shape future generations and leaders for the nation’s development and prosperity while addressing pressing societal ills.

Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock; Regional Executive Officer, Karl Singh; MoM’s Secretary Major, Marvin Simpson, and President’s Youth Advisory Council Representative, Dr Josh Khanai, also attended the launching ceremony.

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