Ptolemy Reid Rehab Centre benefits from ATVs, Computer donation

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre on Wednesday received a charitable donation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to benefit persons living with disabilities.

The donation includes two ATVs, 10 laptops, and wheelchairs.

Elder Kory Sellers and his wife handing over of the items that were donated

Director of the Disability and Rehabilitation Services Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr Ariane Mangar said the donation will aid in facilitating regular visits to far-flung communities across the country.

“Patients in these areas find it very hard to access the rehab department in the central area of the regions. Its very expensive and sometimes there is no transportation,” Dr Mangar explained.

Director of the Disability and Rehabilitation Services Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr Ariane Mangar

The ATVs will facilitate school visits in Regions One and Nine, particularly aiding children with impairments to access essential services.

According to Dr Mangar, the laptops and computers are vital as they support the new electronic medical record system.

Some of those who will benefit from the donation

“We have set up a programme, an electronic medical record programme which we will track all the wheelchair users in Guyana. So, we will be able to see every single person, not just with the wheelchairs you give us, but the other wheelchairs which the government buys, so we will have a bigger picture of the wheelchairs, canes crutches and so forth within the regions,” Dr Mangar stated. 

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre provides rehabilitation services, training programmes, and dormitory residence for adults and children with disabilities and developmental impairments.

One of the ATV’s donated to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre

Over the past three years, the centre has received over $36 million for various assistance projects across Guyana, including approximately $745,000 for prosthetic surgery.

Administrator Ashford Ambedkar highlighted that the donation will support ongoing care and monitoring efforts nationwide.

The Laptops that were donated

Additionally, funding has been allocated for building maintenance, including repainting, installation of AC units, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a new roof.

Humanitarian Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elder Kory Sellers, noted that the funding for the donation came from members’ contributions to a humanitarian fund.

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