70 identify lots at Onderneeming

Approximately 70 persons who were allocated house lots at the Onderneeming Phase Four housing area in Region Two, recently participated in a lot identification exercise spearheaded by the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CHPA) Surveys Unit.

Infrastructural works are ongoing in the area to ensure the allottees have access to the necessary amenities.

Allottee, Diane Singh

Mother of two, Diana Singh was overjoyed when she received the call to identify her land.

She noted, “I’ve been waiting a while for this opportunity. I have two sons and it will benefit us a lot because we are renting and it is very costly.”

Another allottee and father of two, Chavez Deopaul emphasised that he feels independent since acquiring his land.  

“Right now, I am happy that I got the land. It will make a difference. Right now, I am living with my mother but to be on my own will be good,” Deopaul noted.

Allottee, Chavez Deopaul

Allottee, Sharon Rampersaud, who applied for her house lot in 2012, said owning a land is a significant milestone.

“It was exciting [for me] because owning a land is not easy. And then, getting a low-income one is amazing. I am really grateful for that,” Rampersaud said.

Another allottee, Kimone Morgan noted, “…Getting your own [land] is always better than anything. I feel overjoyed…Since I got the call, I can’t stop smiling.”

When her house is completed, she noted that her two children will have more freedom as they will have a comfortable place.

Allottee, Kimone Stephens

Additionally, the wait is finally over for Emelda John-Holmes who submitted her land application in 2017. She can now move ahead with constructing her dream home.

“I am thankful because for a long time, I have been paying rent and I can’t live [like that] anymore,” she pointed out.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal highlighted that the government is working aggressively to ensure that homeownership reaches all Guyanese. 

Currently, two areas are being developed in Region Two, Charity and Onderneeming Phase Four, to meet the housing demand along the Essequibo Coast.

Some of the allottees who participated in the lot identification exercise at Onderneeming Phase Four housing area in Region Two

“We are looking to advance the process to push the occupancy in Onderneeming. We did have one challenge in terms of one block within the area and we are currently working for an extension,” the housing minister said.

In the interim, the ministry is working closely with the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) to acquire more land for housing development within the region.

The ministry is also working to address the issues of regularisation in a number of areas in the region.  

These include 31 lots in Henrietta, 59 in Richmond, 50 in La Belle Alliance, about 48 in Lima Sands, 37 in Coffee Grove, 42 in Fear Not, 18 in Sparta, 22 in Windsor Castle, and another 16 lots in Hampton Court.

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