Success Elementary pupil secures top position at NGSA

A Pupil of Success Elementary School in Region Four, Alisha Scheller has copped the top spot at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) with 503.3 marks.

Scheller secured a placement at Queen’s College.

The second position was secured by Kaiya Daniels from Green Acres Primary who secured a spot at Queens College with 503.2 marks. 

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

While Lucas Spooner from Mae’s Under 12 Primary copped the third position with 502.4 marks, Skyler Ghopal also from Mae’s Under 12 Primary copped the fourth spot with 502.3 marks. 

The results were announced by Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, Liliendaal on Thursday.

Skyler Ghopal from Mae’s Primary was awarded for the Best Short Story, while Adalia Edwards from the Academy of Excellence received the award for writting the Best Letter. 

The pupils attributed their outstanding performances to hard work and educational content from the Guyana Learning Channel.

Perla Da Silva from Mae’s Under 12 Primary said that her success is due to balancing her studies and recreational time.

Some of NGSA’s top performers

She attained a placement at Queen’s College with 501.41 marks.

“I had to find an equal balance between working and playing. At times when I had to work, I made sure that I was really focused and I had to get everything right…”  Da Silva expressed.

Lucas Spooner from Mae’s Under 12 Primary who was brimming with pride and joy will be attending Queen’s College.

Spooner noted that he prepared well for his examinations by utilising past papers.

He further expressed, “It feels great to be at the top of my school and third place in the country… I was very confident about the exams and I knew that I was going to be here.”

Meanwhile, Skylar Ghopal from Mae’s Under 12 Primary was still excited and shocked when she received her results.

“I am feeling very excited to have gotten the school that I wanted and good results,” she added.

Khadeja Ramsammy from Cumberland Primary who attained 501.41 marks is looking forward to attending her new school in September.

Leading up to the revelation of her performance, Ramsammy said that she had mixed emotions since she did not know what to expect.

Now, she is relieved since her hard work has paid off.

Meanwhile, Minister Manickchand commended the pupils along with their teachers for their excellent performances.

“I want to salute all of these children. For me, given that we have over 70 million children across the world who are unable to do what these children are doing…Just getting to the end of primary education and actually sitting these assessments and getting them into high schools. They are all winners…” the education minister expressed.

Some 15,285 candidates wrote this year’s NGSA examinations on May 2 and 3.

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