Co-operatives Market Day showcases local businesses

Cooperative societies from across the country enthusiastically gathered at this year’s Cooperatives Market Day, hosted at the Ministry of Labour’s tarmac on Saturday.

Organised by the Co-operatives Department, this event served as a crucial platform for networking and showcasing a diverse array of products and services.

Chief Co-operatives Development Officer Janaknauth Panchu

Abigail John, proprietor of Propa Local Wines from Buxton, expressed her delight in participating, stating to the Department of Public Information (DPI), “It is a welcomed initiative and I always support farmers’ markets because everyone is out here looking for good deals. It allows us to interact with our customers and ensure they leave feeling proud of their propa purchase.”

Karen Nelson of Secret Garden, who launched her venture four years ago during the pandemic, shared, “This initiative is particularly beneficial for small businesses like ours, enabling us to showcase what we offer to the Guyanese people.”

Keshan Ramjattan, owner of Richard 100% Honey, highlighted the government’s ongoing support for small businesses, noting previous benefits from similar Ministry of Agriculture events.

He added, “The Ministry of Agriculture actually did a lot for us where we had some markets for small businesses but this is the first aspect we had for this year, which we commend. It helps us to do a business, it may not be big for some persons but we get persons coming out to get sales.”

Radhika Basdeo, the owner of Basdeo Agro-processing, emphasized her commitment to adding value to Guyanese homes through her products, noting her second participation in the ministry’s co-op market day which helped her to expand her customer base.

Another participant, Omodilla John, representing a charcoal production association in YarrowKabra, highlighted the environmental benefits of their business. Noting that the demand was clear, and their proximity to sawmills provided an opportunity to repurpose waste wood into useful charcoal products.

John further highlighted that the initiative is a great platform for small businesses and organisations to liaise and grow their customer base.

Additionally, Chief Co-operatives Development Officer Janaknauth Panchu underscored the government’s active role in supporting local businesses and fostering an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

He noted that these events help to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit within communities and also facilitate direct interactions between producers and consumers.

Hailing the success of this year’s market day, Panchu said, “It’s packed already, with many displaying their products for sale and more arriving.”

This year’s International Week of Co-operatives is being celebrated under the theme, ‘Building a better future for all,’ reinforcing the sector’s vital role in community development and economic resilience.

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