GPF Route March staged successfully

showcased discipline, marked improvements in GPF operations

The Guyana Police Force on Saturday hosted a Route March in Georgetown in observance of its 185th anniversary.

More than two thousand officers, ranks, members of the Community Policing Groups (CPG), youth groups, scouts, private security and other stakeholders marched with enthusiasm in the pouring rain, in a riveting display of discipline and unity.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, was honoured with the ‘eyes right’ salute in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs during the annual route march on Saturday

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, said he is pleased with the display, and pointed to the marked improvements in the overall performance of the police force.

“We are consistently improving. The police force is still a work in progress, given the challenges we inherited. I am particularly pleased at the enthusiasm, the partnership and the level of discipline, and the participation of the youth groups and community policing groups,” he expressed.

He highlighted ongoing efforts to increase physical assets, skills, and infrastructure within the force, and pledged that the government will continue to build capacity while improving public trust and confidence in the GPF.

“I think we are well on the way to achieving that,” he added.  

He emphasised that these improvements are also facilitated through partnerships, noting that Guyana has had good support from its international partners.

“We will continue to work on our partnerships and the engagement with the public to totally see an improvement in issues relating to security and policing,” the minister said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police (ag), Clifton Hicken underscored that given the contemporary society that the force is now operating in, they cannot work in isolation, and must work alongside the general public to maintain security.

Based on the large turnout from members of the civil society, Commissioner Hicken said that the Force is making notable strides. 

“I want to thank the parents and guardians of the youth who turned out in their numbers, mimicking and emulating in police uniform. This means we are admired as an institution. We are doing well. Soon, we will be doing excellent,” he assured.

Special recognition and awards were handed over to the various participating groups, commending their showmanship and discipline in completing the march.

The annual Guyana Police Force route march is a powerful symbol of the GPF’s dedication to excellence and its unwavering commitment to public safety.

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