General Visa Application Guidelines:

1. All visa applications, on the prescribed application form, to be submitted by Registered Mail/Courier to the following address: – 

High Commission of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana 

Suite H, Third Floor 

Grosvenor Place 

235 Grosvenor Street 

Hatfield 0081 

Postal Box: 12238, Hatfield 0028

Pretoria, South Africa  

Tel: +27 (0) 12 941 1694 

2. No visas required for South African passport holders intending to visit Guyana for 30 days or less. 

3. Before beginning your visa application, kindly check Annex I to this document that indicates the countries whose Nationals do not require visas to enter Guyana.  

4. Visa fees to be remitted as a bank transfer to the following bank account of the High Commission : 

Account Name: High Commission of the Republic of Guyana – Revenue   

Bank Name/Address : Standard Bank (South Africa) Hatfield, Standard Plaza  440 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria     

Account Number : 333122380  

Branch Name : Hatfield 

Branch Code : 01-1545 

Swift No.: SBZAZAJJ 


5. Please note that group applications for tourist visas will not be considered by the Consular Section. Each applicant is, therefore, required to apply and remit payment for a tourist visa on his/her own behalf.  

6. Covid-19 Vaccination : With effect from August 8, 2021, all applicants for any type of visa to enter Guyana would be required to submit proof that they are fully vaccinated with any of the Covid-19 vaccines available. Please see our Covid-19 Port of Entry Requirements.  

7. Yellow Fever Vaccination : A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required from all travellers whose stay in Guyana would be more than 12 hours and who are over 1 year of age from countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission, with the exception of Argentina, Paraguay, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.   

8. For any clarifications, kindly contact us on email address:  


1. The following documents must be presented when applying for a visa: 

(a)  Completed visa application form in duplicate. 

 (b)  Valid passport – at least six months validity required.  

(c)  Two (2) recent passport size photographs.

(d)  Evidence of sufficient funds/financial support for the duration of the visit/stay, or proof of other satisfactory arrangements of applicant’s support while in Guyana. Also, provision of travel itinerary to and from Guyana. 

(e)  Address and telephone number(s) of intended place of stay in Guyana. 

(f)  If travelling for business, a letter stating reason of visit to Guyana from company/business credentials to be provided as well as a letter of invitation from company in Guyana (person or company dealing with), in addition to the documents mentioned from (a) to (e) above.     

(g)  If travelling as a visitor, a letter of invitation from the sponsor should be presented, in addition to the documents mentioned from (a) to (e) above.   

(h) If travelling as a student, the following documents are required, in addition to (a) to (e) above:  

– Full contact details of the registered/accredited institution where studies will be pursued; and 

 – A copy of the student acceptance letter from the competent authority at the registered/accredited institution. 

(i) Copy of Yellow Fever vaccination certificate from all applicants from countries with risk of Yellow Fever transmission. See Number 7 of General Visa Application Guidelines above. 

 (j) Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination. 

NB: Kindly note that only one (1) copy of all the relevant documents, as required from (d) to (j) above, should be submitted with the two (2) application forms. 


2. The completed application forms, as well as evidence of travel plans, must be submitted to the Guyana High Commission for consideration. If an interview is required, the applicant will be informed of the date and time. 

3. The following are the visa fees: 

✓ Visitor/Tourist – US$50 (for travellers residing out of South Africa) or Rand 750 (for travellers residing in South Africa) – Single Entry   

✓ Visitor/Tourist – US$60 (for travellers residing out of South Africa) or Rand 900 (for travellers residing in South Africa) – Multiple Entry  

✓ Business – US$140 (for travellers residing out of South Africa) or Rand 2,100 (for travellers residing in South Africa)  

✓ Students – US$140 (for travellers residing out of South Africa) or Rand 2,100 (for travellers residing in South Africa)  

4. Please note carefully that the fees at (3) above exclude Bank charges, which is the responsibility of the applicants.  This means that you will have to pay all the bank charges for the transaction as well. We need to receive the full amount for the visa fee. Please send us the proof of payment along with your application.  

5. Applicants will be required to make arrangements for the collection of their passports by courier once the visa processing is completed.  


(a) There is no assurance that a visa would be issued, and any preparation or plan made for the journey would be done at the applicant’s own risk.   

(b) Processing of visas takes 5-7 working days. Failure to complete the application form properly, follow the above mentioned guidelines; as well as to provide supporting documents, can cause your application to be rejected or delay the processing of the application. 

(c) Under normal conditions, applications for visas should be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of the proposed date of travel.  

(d) The granting of a visa does not necessarily guarantee entry into Guyana. Entry will be dependent upon satisfying the usual Immigration requirements/procedures at the port of entry.   

(e) A visitor who, without permission, breaches his/her condition of entry while in Guyana may become eligible for deportation.

Persons wishing to extend their visas may apply at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Georgetown, Guyana. 

Further, please note carefully that if someone travels to Guyana with a tourist visa or obtains one on entry, the Ministry of Home Affairs is not obliged to grant a visa of a different category/type thereafter. DOWNLOAD REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY INTO GUYANA – TOURIST, BUSINESS AND STUDENT VISAS

COVID-19 Notice: Due to the pandemic some consular services will be conducted by registered mail until further notice. Learn more