Major multi-million-dollar infrastructural projects being implemented countrywide

Huge multi-million-dollar infrastructural development projects are being rolled – out countrywide, in an effort to bolster Guyana’s economy and improve citizens’ lives.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, said the government is rolling -out these projects because the government is executing development without discrimination.

“The PPP/C Administration, President Irfaan Ali and his cabinet, we are working in every single community; the ones who have voted overwhelming for us and the ones who didn’t vote for us because we are not developing a PPP/C Guyana, we are developing a ‘One Guyana’, and in developing a One Guyana, we bring development to all the people.”

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

In Region One, citizens will benefit from a number of rigid pavement concrete roads in the sub-regions of Mabaruma, Moruca, Port Kaituma and Matarkai. New stellings are being constructed in the various sub-regions to facilitate the docking of the new $2.5 billion North-West ferry (MV MA Lisha), which is expected to set sail to Guyana in the coming months.

Two massive infrastructural development works are in progress on the Lima Sands and Onderneeming roads, Region Two. Work on the sea defences at Charity River Dam and several miscellaneous roads in every NDC is also ongoing.

In Region Three, the alignment for the Del Conte Road, which begins at Parika, East Bank Essequibo, and goes all the way down the East Bank Essequibo area into Goshen has already been cut and established. This road will link Region Three to Region Seven creating massive development. In addition, similar alignment works were executed on the Schoonard to Parika roads.

Minister Edghill noted that these projects will boost the regions’ economic development.

“These are going to be major new infrastructure that we will put in for the opening up of new lands, getting produce to market, being able to help with industrialisation, and gas to energy project coming in at Wales with the possibilities of downstream petro-chemical industries including the production of fertilisers.”

In Region Four, multi-billion-dollar contracts for the East Coast, East Bank and Georgetown have been signed for the construction of the Ogle to Haags Bosch, Eccles Road network. This road network will be linked to the ongoing Eccles to Great Diamond four-lane highway. The major infrastructure project that is geared towards cutting travel time will be completed within 18 months.

Major road works are being executed in Region Five, from the Mahaicony area in every NDC.

Additionally, the minister highlighted that, residents from traditional areas in Region Six will now benefit from rigid pavement concrete roads and foot paths. Works are being executed in Little Africa, Little India, and Crabwood Creek among other areas, and are being undertaken by residents from the various communities. This initiative is geared at making residents more proactive in the execution of developmental projects within their communities.

Government has developed a plan which will see the development of Region Seven into a service hub for the mining sector, which will in turn benefit over 21 communities.

Works on the Timehri to Bartica Road are ongoing. This is one of government’s major transformational projects. Works are also ongoing on the Bartica to Mahdia and Issano roads.

In Region Eight, the construction of a hinterland road link that connects the region to Region Nine is underway. When completed, the road will alleviate the high cost of transportation, thus creating social and economic benefits for users. The 72-mile hinterland road link begins in North Rupununi, Region Nine, and will connect to Region Eight at Monkey Mountain. The road maintenance project will benefit some 15,000 residents from 28 villages in the region.

Additionally, the Kato- Kurukubaru, Kurukubaru- Itabac, and Kamana- Kopinang roads are set to be rehabilitated to the tune of some $39.8 million.

In budget 2022, the sum of $2.5 billion was approved for Region Eight, which would go towards its development.

In Region Nine, works including rehabilitating and building access roads and bridges and installing lights and other infrastructure in and around the region are progressing well.

Government also signed a US$190 million contract to construct 121 kilometres of road from Linden to Mabura Hill, Region 10, and a contract to the tune of $3.1 billion to construct 32 concrete bridges along the Kurupukari-Lethem corridor to facilitate the construction of an asphaltic road that will eventually lead from Linden to Lethem.

The ministry is currently in the process of awarding contracts to the tune of $800 million for the rehabilitation of road works in the region. Road networks are a major aspect of a country’s development, not only do they ease transportation and cut costs, they integrate communities and boost people’s development, hence the government’s major focus on building the country’s road networks.

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