Bartica is an integral part of Guyana’s development agenda-PM

-Lauds Bartica Business Development Committee for organising 2022 Bartica Regatta

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), the Honourable Mark Phillips said that the Government recognises the importance of Bartica as an integral part of the country’s developmental agenda.

He said that major holistic development projects are in the pipeline to revolutionise the town.

“Our country is on the brink of massive economic development, and wherever that occurs, we must ensure that every community, every region, and every citizen can enjoy the benefits that will come with these positive changes. It means that our interest in Bartica extends beyond sports. It means that our interest in Bartica encompasses every aspect of our citizens’ social progress and prosperity.”

The Prime Minister delivered these remarks today at the Golden Beach Pavilion in Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region Seven, where he officially opened the Bartica Summer Splash Regatta, which he described as an important annual ritual in Guyana.

“In addition to strengthening social relationships, sports encourage a sense of unity, sportsmanship and teamwork. Sports provide a healthy outlet for those who indulge in them. It promotes healthy lifestyles and gives an improved quality of life.”

The senior government official revealed that the Government has been working on health, economic and infrastructural transformation that will see major improvements in Bartica and surrounding communities.

He also highlighted a number of transformative projects underway and stated that regional economic and infrastructural development will be linked to the national transformative infrastructure, which includes the construction of the Timehri to Bartica Road link, upgrade to hospitals in Bartica, construction of a $10m bond at the Bartica Hospital. Introduction of the flagship initiative Picture Archiving Computing System (PACS) at the Bartica Hospital, the establishment of a $26.3m Maternal and Child Health Centre, Government’s solar farms project, recommencement of the Bartica Stelling project,  commissioning of a $177m modern Bartica Magistrate’s Court and the improvement in water services and delivery with the replacement of old transmission mains.

He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the Regatta Committee, the Regional Administration, the private sector sponsors and other stakeholders for ensuring that the tradition is maintained.

“I wish to take this time to acknowledge the hard work of the Bartica Business Development Committee, a group of local businesspersons who, through their love and vested interest in the development of Bartica, have come together to host this event. The group has expressed its commitment to giving back to their community while promoting and encouraging the development of business in Bartica through these and other initiatives.”

He added: “I congratulate the Barticians for their work to build and promote their community and assure you that your Government is right here, building along with you.”

The Bartica Regatta has returned after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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