Region Seven men start journey to building a better, more resilient community – Minister McCoy

At MOM launch in Bartica
Region seven men welcome Men on a Mission Initiative

Men in Region Seven have welcomed the President’s Men on a Mission Initiative, which was launched in the region at Bartica on Saturday.

The event was held at the Bartica Community Centre Ground where the Minister within the Office of Prime Minister Kwame McCoy led a team of influential men who made presentations, all aimed at inspiring positive change among men in the region.

Minister McCoy interacts with men in attendance at the Launch

“As we roll out the Region Seven Men on a Mission programme, we must do so in a way in a manner, in a fashion, that leaves no one, no one, men or boys feeling excluded from this process because this is not about being the most educated man or boy or young man, this is about being able to capture all of our men wherever they are regardless of their educational level, regardless of their achievements in respect of wealth and other aspirations,” minister McCoy said.

Minister McCoy Making the feature presentation at the Men on Mission Launch in Bartica Region 7

The minister noted that while there are shortcomings, they can find a solution to the ills of society.

He noted that men can also influence a stronger focus on education, and skills training among the youth and other members of society while leading in the fight against drug/substance abuse and domestic violence among other social issues.

Minister McCoy also highlighted the need for men to protect and support women in society.

“Make our voices heard and above all do whatever we can as individuals and in a collective manner to become, men on a mission. Let this day go down in the history of Bartica and Guyana, as the day the men of Region Seven started the new journey to build a better community and a stronger and more resilient region,” Minister McCoy stated.

Minister McCoy interacts with some young soccer players who joined the launch of Men on a Mission in Bartica

Several participants in Saturday’s activity shared their thoughts on the Men on a Mission Initiative.

Major Kirk Marlock was one of the men who made presentations at the activity. He was born in Kurupung and believes that the initiative is a good one that inspires men to take up their roles in society.

“If we have a solid society, we have a solid country this is the prosperity that we will achieve money will not fix our problems. It is our men and it is our families that will fix the issues of Guyana. We also have to consider the fact that we will have people coming to look for us for assistance and our men have to stand and to stay the course and to provide that assistance and provide the leadership,” Marlock said.

Major Kirk Marlock making his presentation at the launch in region 7

Omesh Dass, who owns an electrical business in Bartica, attended the event and noted that it is a good one for the development of men.

“I really feel good about it because I appreciate what the initiative is about, that progress for our men, I really love it,” he said.

A section of the gathering

Another participant was Jermaine Joseph, he said the initiative was long awaited in region 7 and he is confident that it will be successful.”

“A very good thing going forward because it empowers, this specific event has empowered a lot of men that were in attendance, and I think it will further give them that impetus that is needed to take up their roles and the mantle as a man in society,” Joseph said. The Men on a Mission Initiative was launched by President Irfaan Ali in October this year and is aimed at impressing upon men the importance of responsibility, being role models and demonstrating a collective will to shoulder a progressive system to support Guyana’s developing society.

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