More than 52,000 public servants, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services and Government Pensioners paid 8 percent salary increase, Disciplined Services Bonus

More than 52,000 public servants, teachers, members of the disciplined services, and government pensioners received their 2022 salary increase in the last week representing payment of the eight percent retroactive salary increase announced by President Ali on November 17 last along with the substantive December salaries and pensions. Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh thanked Finance staff who worked tirelessly and diligently to ensure that the increases were paid out in time for the Christmas Season to eligible persons, together with the retroactive amounts on the designated payday. The Ministry also ensured that members of the Disciplined Services received the one-month tax-free bonus today, just in time for Christmas. This bonus was announced by the President on December 21 and has placed over $1.3 Billion in the hands of members of the Disciplined Services.        

All efforts were made by staff of the Ministry of Finance along with the respective Finance Departments across Ministries and Regions to ensure that workers received their December salaries along with the retroactive payments in keeping with Government’s promise.  Minister Singh highlighted the importance of persons receiving these payments before Christmas, which will stimulate economic activity across the country. The Finance Minister also recognized the diligent efforts of Finance staff in ensuring that the payrolls of various agencies were processed on time.           

In addition to the eight percent salary increase received, members of the Disciplined Services and Health workers will also receive salary adjustments in January 2023 reflective of announcements made by President Ali on November 24 and December 12 respectively. With regard to Health sector workers, the salary adjustment to the tune of $1.5 Billion will be to the benefit of over 5,000 health care professionals while an estimated 8000 members of the Disciplined Services will benefit from their salary adjustments which will increase their disposable incomes by over $1 Billion annually.

President Ali has highlighted that his Government’s focus is on a holistic plan of improving workers’ lives with salary increases being one aspect of the benefit that will be provided. Dr. Singh noted that these increases will be multiplied as workers spend their increase in disposable income in markets, shops, or other businesses across the country.

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