Gov’t anticipates favourable ICJ ruling in border controversy case – Min. Edghill tells Lindeners

Guyanese are being called to rally together in solidarity, as the government seeks a peaceful resolution to the Guyana/Venezuela controversy.

On Friday, during a sensitisation exercise with Lindeners, Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill reaffirmed the government’s firm belief in a positive outcome following the International Court of Justice (ICJ) process.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill waving the Guyana Flag alongside Lindeners in solidarity

“We anticipate as a country a favourable ruling from the ICJ because we know our cause is just and it is right. Even people within Venezuela know that our cause is just and right,” he asserted.

Dispelling any notion of a dispute, Minister Edghill reaffirmed that there “is no dispute between Guyana and Venezuela”.

The boundaries were set in 1899, and Essequibo unequivocally belongs to Guyana.

To this end, Minister Edghill highlighted the Maduro administration’s referendum expected to be conducted on December 3, 2023, is an attempt to raise questions that could serve as a pretext for annexation.

Lindeners waving the Guyana Flag in solidarity

However, the minister reiterated the government’s recourse to the ICJ as a forum for resolving such matters peacefully, in adherence to international law.

“When you are a country that follows international law and you believe in the rule of law you refer matters of this nature where it rightfully belongs,” he emphasised.

Further, Minister Edghill underscored that the government’s position stands on four fundamental pillars tied to its unwavering commitment to peace and engagement in diplomacy.

Lindeners waving the Guyana Flag in solidarity

He noted that Guyana has garnered support from regional allies in CARICOM, the Commonwealth, the Organisation of American States, and numerous friendly nations worldwide.

Further, the minister said this approach to the matter is a demonstration of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s astute leadership.

Minister Edghill assured that the government is also working with the opposition to pursue the “best for the Guyanese people and for Guyana. Nothing is being spared to ensure that Guyana’s interest comes out as number one.”

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