National pride, unity on display as schools countrywide host patriotic activities

As Guyana continues to host various sessions to highlight nationalism, schools across the country on Friday participated in a series of awareness activities to stimulate patriotism and highlight Guyana’s sovereignty.

Speaking on the ‘Guyana Dialogue’ ProgrammeThursday evening, Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand explained that the exercises are aimed at instilling a sense of pride and allegiance among the younger generation.

Sensitisation activity at Queen’s College

“Every school across the country is going to shut down to host activities of patriotism with their children. At nursery schools, they are going to be colouring the flag and doing collages with the map, while learning about Essequibo and Guyana belonging to all of us. At the primary [level], children are going to hear about stories. They are going to do acoustics, poems, and sing national songs,” the education minister explained.

The government has also been robustly engaging the border communities on matters pertinent to the border controversy. Various government ministries and other organisations in the public and private sectors have hosted sensitisation sessions with their staff.

Corentyne Comprehensive High engaging in an awareness session

Guyana will also be hosting its Circle of Unity event throughout the country on Sunday.

“We are going to link hands from one end of the country to the other end of the country, a human chain of love. The chain shows support for our territory and integrity of our borders,” Minister Manickchand expressed.

The education minister also spoke about the Night of Patriotic Reflection set for Sunday at the National Stadium, Providence, which will feature several local artistes.

Meanwhile, Minister Manickchand stressed that it is important for citizens to reject persons who are spreading fear through false information, especially on social media.

Guyana, she stated, has always perceived Venezuela as a friend, especially since the two countries shared good relations in the past.

Other countries have treated us, throughout the years, as having dominion and ownership of Essequibo. That is why I believe that countries have not found it difficult to support us,” Minister Manickchand added.

Throughout the history of the controversy, the political parties in Guyana have stood united in their position that Essequibo belongs to the country and that no effort will be spared in defending the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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