Biomedical Technician Training Initiative Celebrates Success as Thirty-Eight Graduates Prepare for New Roles in Guyana’s Healthcare System

The Ministry of Health (MOH) proudly announces the successful conclusion of the first round of the Biomedical Technician Training Initiative, a groundbreaking program funded by the Government of Guyana and provided by Medical Aid International, a UK-based healthcare solutions provider. A cohort of 38 dedicated students is set to graduate from the program, marking a historic milestone in the enhancement of healthcare infrastructure in the country. All students will be certified with a City of Guild Certificate.

These newly trained biomedical technicians are poised to make a significant impact as they join the public health sector, taking up crucial roles in hospitals across Guyana. The employment of trained biomedical technicians within public hospitals is a strategic move to elevate the standards of patient care by ensuring the proficient repair and maintenance of medical equipment throughout the healthcare system.

Each trainee has received comprehensive support to foster their professional development, including essential resources such as a laptop, a professional-grade toolkit, and access to a digital library of service manuals. These provisions are designed to empower the graduates and equip them with the tools necessary to excel in their new roles.

The initiative has received high praise from the participants, with one graduate expressing, “The course overall was very informative and structured to cater to a person who is new to learning about the field of Biomedical Engineering as well as a biomedical technician who has been working for years.”

The positive impact of this initiative is already evident, with one graduate noting, “The knowledge I obtained allowed me to look at and understand the equipment I handle in a different light, which then allowed me to adapt and change how I go about repairing medical equipment.”

Planning is already underway for the next cohort of biomedical technician trainees, in addition to the second phase of training, both of which are planned for 2024.

A formal graduation ceremony is scheduled to take place in January next year, where the Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank C.S. Anthony, Minister of Public Service, Hon. Ms Sonia Parag, CEO of Medical Aid International, Mr Tim Beacon, and other dignitaries within the Ministry of Health will extend their congratulations to the graduates for their dedication and successful completion of the training program. This Biomedical Technician Training Initiative exemplifies the commitment of the Ministry of Health and Medical Aid International to advancing healthcare capabilities in Guyana, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for all citizens.

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