Restaurant Week 2024 promotes inclusivity, culture

Following in the tradition of the previous editions, the 17th Guyana Restaurant Week (GRW) promotes and celebrates inclusivity, hospitality and the rich cultural tapestry of Guyana.

This year’s event, dubbed GRW17, is the result of an annual collaboration between the Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA).

The two organisations, along with sponsors and a host of restaurants, aim to provide an exciting, satisfying, yet affordable dining experience for all Guyanese.

Patrons at launch of GRW17 at Atlantis Cuisine

From June 21-30, Grw17 will spread culture and hospitality across the lengths and breadths of Guyana by including 23 restaurants from various regions, namely Regions Two, Three, Four, Six and Seven.

During the launch of Guyana Restaurant Week at Atlantis Cuisine restaurant at the West Central Mall at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, THAG President Omodele George expressed the organisation’s dedication to ensuring that all Guyanese have the opportunity to enjoy the enriching experience of Guyanese cuisine.

President of THAG Omodele George delivering her remarks at launch of GRW17 at Atlantis Cuisine

“Our commitment to inclusivity is our aim and we want very much for everyone in soon to be able to go beyond that” she said. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is supporting the celebration of Guyanese culture by sponsoring the event, ensuring that participating restaurants offer at least one dish featuring locally sourced seafood.

Seafood Cuisine

In addition to Guyanese cuisine, these restaurants will also serve dishes from other cultures, providing a truly diverse dining experience for Guyanese patrons.

“we’re all about inclusivity, as we said earlier, so we’re going to be inclusive all the way and we’re going to sample and we’re going to tell the stories [of these restaurants]” George asserted.

Food at Atlantis Cuisine

This year’s participating restaurants include Atlantis Cuisine (Leonora), Amici, Bistro Café & Bar, Bia Bia Tex Mex Cuisine (Bartica), Ambrosia Restaurant (New Amsterdam), and Terra Mare Restaurant (Marriott).

President George emphasised THAG’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and expressed hope that future Restaurant Week celebrations will extend to Indigenous communities.

This expansion will allow every citizen, regardless of geographical location or cultural background, to ‘Explore. Eat. Repeat.’

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