Jagdeo strongly condemns mistreatment of Venezuelan migrants

Asserted their right to state protection in keeping with int’l conventions

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has strongly condemned the inhumane treatment of Venezuelans in Guyana during his weekly press conference on Thursday.

His statement comes in response to a troubling video circulating on social media, which portrays instances of bullying, and other inhumane treatment inflicted upon Venezuelans.

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The PPP general secretary deemed the incident as “totally reprehensible” and made it clear that the government recognises the arrival of Venezuelan nationals as refugees and asserted their right to state protection.

He stressed the importance of treating even economic migrants with respect and dignity, aligning with global conventions on refugee treatment.

The GS also cautioned against a blanket approach fueled by fears of infiltration, noting that singling out and displacing individuals based on such concerns is unjust and reiterated the administration’s commitment to treating people seeking settlement decently, rejecting any promotion of xenophobia.

“We can’t because we fear that they may be infiltration by a few Venezuelans who can threaten our sovereignty…treat all of these people in a particular manner, throw them out of their home homes. Some of them started getting thrown out after that Monday press conference by the opposition,” he noted.

Highlighting the diverse backgrounds of migrants in Guyana, the general secretary said many are believed to be Guyanese or descendants who migrated to Venezuela years ago to escape hardships in Guyana.

“We were a nation at one stage of migrants, we’ve migrated to every part of the world to look for a better life. And now our people are coming back,” he stated.

Comparing strategies, he criticised the APNU+AFC Coalition’s past approach during a similar situation, recalling that while in opposition he had advocated for a more strategic response.

According to recent news reports an arrest was made in connection to the incident involving the mistreated migrants.

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